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Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Assignment due Friday

Citations must be in APA format

Attached to this assignment is the template to complete the project. This assignment is part 1 of 2.

The topic chosen is Mental Health

Creative Works chosen:

1. Performance Works (Resource: Save Myself by Ed Sheeran)

2. Visual Works (Resource: Corridor in the Asylum Painting by Vincent van Gogh)


For this assignment, you will draft the first two components of Part One of your project.

Humanities subject areas you may choose from include the following:

  • Visual art (paintings, photographs, sculpture, architecture, drawing, film)
  • Performing arts (theater, dance, music, opera)
  • Literature (novels, poems, scripts for plays, short stories, song lyrics)

Specifically, you must address the following:

Specify which topic you have chosen and the two creative works that you have chosen. Use the two creative works to compare various subject areas of the humanities in relation to your chosen topic. Address the following criteria in Part One:

  1. Describe the two creative works. Feel free to elaborate, but make sure you include these three items:
    1. Your chosen topic (mental health, diversity, or activism)
    2. The names of the chosen creative works
    3. Why you chose those creative works
  2. Describe how the chosen creative works can be used to understand the topic.
    1. How do the different humanities subject areas (visual, literary, performing arts) approach the topic?

What to Submit

To complete this assignment, you must submit the following:

Submit your completed Module Two Project Proposal Template for grading. You must cite your chosen creative works. If other sources are used, follow APA citation guidelines when citing sources both throughout and at the end of your paper. While you will not be graded on the quality of your citations in this assignment, you may receive guidance from your instructor on how to properly cite sources.