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Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Analysis

Part 1: Healthy Body WeightExamining your energy balance and factors that affect your appetite.

Part 2: Breaking Bad HabitsExamining your unhealthy eating behaviors and developing a plan to break them.

Part 3: Physical ActivityExamining your level of fitness and developing a plan to increase it.

SummarySummarizing your plan for gaining or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To receive full credit, all answers must be typed and in complete sentences to receive full credit. You will be graded for detail and specific information. Provide details that demonstrate your knowledge of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Listing, bulleting, or short answers are not acceptable.

Remember to use full sentences and paragraphs when answering all parts. A well-formed paragraph consists of at least three proper sentences. A proper sentence is a complete idea and consists of at least one noun and one verb.