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Leadership Article

Leadership Article

Leadership Article

Overview: Leadership is expressed differently in various fields, however, there are common elements that exist. As we explore the concept of high performance the concept of leadership is directly related. There are situations in our daily environment that are impacted by leadership. This assignment will provide the opportunity to engage the current professional environment and gather an article that relates to high performance and leadership, and provide your perspective.

Assignment: Find a news article (different than the article you used in Week 1) that discusses “high performance” or “leadership”. Submit a paper on the “Leadership Article Assignment” reflection about your article. Please include the following in your response:

·  Company Overview

·  What is the main focus of the article – high performance and/or leadership?

·  Is high performance connected to the leadership?

·  What is your analysis of the article?

·  Include at least 3 quality sources, one of which has been published within the last 8 weeks

Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations to support your ideas.