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Assuming you are planning to work in the Northern Virginia area after graduation.  There are some resources to prepare you for this.  This week’s discussion is about planning for your future.

1. 1.  Review the 2022 Labor Market: https://www.nvcc.edu/osi/labor-market/_docs/23-001-IndexSurveyReport22-final-web.pdfLinks to an external site.

2.  2. Download and read/review the Greater Washington Technology Workforce Needs Assessment report.  Although it is dated 2018, I think you can still learn about what cybersecurity employers are looking for in potential employees. You can plan and prioritize your training, certification, and education.

https://www.nvtc.org/NVTC/NVTC_GreaterWashTech_Needs_Assessment/Needs_Assessment_2018.aspxLinks to an external site.

The most recent report is posted here. It is a little different but it was published at the end of 2019. Feel free to provide insight from this report as well.

https://www.nvtc.org/2019SuccessionPlanningLinks to an external site.

Part I:  Executive Summary for Mr Scott

Mr Scott wants to hire the best candidates for Techworx. He has asked you and the HR department to review these documents (You do not have the read the entire reports but this may be helpful to keep as a reference in the future).

What does he need to know and what surprised you in this report?

Part II: Assume you graduate in six months. Look at some online job offerings. Find two that you would be interested in interviewing for and post a summary of the job (do not copy the entire offer). Look at the requirements of the job in terms of education, certifications, and experience.

Part III:  Based on your research, what are some areas that you will improve before graduating?  (consider two).

The purpose of this week’s discussion is to really help yourself.

Part IV:  CTF code is integrity. Please give an update on where you stand on the CTF.


NVTC. (2018). 2018 Greater Washington Technology Workforce Needs Assessment. McLean, VA.