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Conceptual Problem 1 (Zheng He’s expeditions)

Conceptual Problem 1 (Zheng He’s expeditions)

Conceptual Problem 1 (Zheng He’s expeditions):

Socio-economic impacts of Zheng He’s expeditions.

Level-3 Question 1:

What impact did Zheng He’s expeditions have on the socioeconomic system in China?

Thesis Statement: 

Zheng He was a Chinese admiral that administered numerous voyages across the Indian Ocean. His naval expeditions allowed the Chinese to “secure and construct diplomatic ties with other nations while developing the trade between the East and the West” (Mane, 2). Not only did Zheng He obtain riches throughout his journeys, but he established long-term relationships with other countries which led to positive growth of the Chinese socioeconomic system.

Conceptual Problem 2 (Vasco de Gama):

The Portuguese king’s skewed interpretation of de Gama’s voyage.

Level-3 Question 2:

How did the Portuguese king’s interpretation of de Gama’s voyage have an impact (if any) on the political-economic system in Portugal?

Thesis Statement:

Vasco de Gama traveled to Calicut in search of Christians and spices but was met with a series of controversies. The Hindu king believed that the Portuguese had nothing to offer, and despite that, the Portuguese king stated in a letter to Spain that they had “brought a quantity, including cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, […] also many fine stones of all sorts” (de Gama, 3). This letter may have led Spain to organize expeditions to Calicut, as well as engage in trade with the Portuguese due to the many goods that the king had mentioned. Only to discover that de Gama had not received anything and that the Hindu king would not be so willing to trade with foreign parties. Therefore, the king’s inflated letter could potentially result in a decrease in trade and a sense of distrust towards the monarchy from a foreign standpoint, which would greatly impact the country’s political-economic model.