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This week there are three requirements.

  1. 1. Mr. Scott would like for you to apply what you have learned about perimeters on the physical building to a single computer.
  2. 2. Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)
  3. 3. Using the NICE challenge framework, complete a new challenge.

Week 4 discussion topic

  1. 1. Read/Review Security in the Digital World Chapter 1-11Links to an external site.  (This is more a starting point for those that might not have a lot of IT/Computer experience, This is certainly not an assignment to read all 11 chapters.  Not all of this material will apply.)
  2. 2. Review Defense in Depth concepts Download Defense in Depth concepts
  3. 3. Review the NICE challenges student guide found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/108gn4WCV5IhNHueZfhcTKfUPdXbm3cYUtkQKH7NPCQw/edit?usp=sharingLinks to an external site.
  4. 4. Optional networking basics refresher: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/basics-computer-networking/Links to an external site.

Assignment Part 1:

How would we define the perimeters (outer, inner, and interior)  of a computer as we did with the Techworx building?

Define and justify the perimeters of a computer you have chosen.

What technology, software, or hardware exists that could protect each perimeter?  No more than two examples per perimeter.  In other words, I do not want a list of 10 examples.  Explain your choices.


Assignment Part 2:  Mr. Scott attended a meeting about a new concept called Zero Trust.  Please provide a short summary of this


Key terms to consider

Multi-Factor authentication (MFA)

Least Privilege Access


Assignment Part 3:  Play with and familiarize yourself with the NICE challenges.   I will discuss this during the live session.  There are three times that you are available for you to complete this week’s challenge. (M-T, Wed-Thurs Fri-SAT).   You only need to solve the nice challenge one time.

  • Dangerous Drives

Please do include any solutions in the public discussion but include a screenshot of the green checks.    The Technical Tutorial challenge is also available if you did not complete that in week 2.

Grading Late Submission (attached)