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Cybersecurity Incident Report (CIR)

Cybersecurity Incident Report (CIR)

Deliverable – One 12-page document which begins with a 1-page Executive Summary

  • Cybersecurity Incident Report (CIR): Your report      should be a minimum 12-page double-spaced Word document with citations in      APA format. The page count does not include figures, diagrams, tables, or citations.
  • Executive summary: This is a one-page summary at the      beginning of your CIR.

Incident Response

You’ve recently been promoted to the role of a cybersecurity incident manager as part of a new contract with a major media and entertainment company. The company requires its employees, artists, and clients to have wireless and mobile device access to company networks.

Because of the “bring your own device” policy, there has been an increase in the number of cybersecurity incident reports. You realize that you need to increase awareness of security standards. In your security monitoring of the company networks, you use tools that track employee behavior.

You want company leadership to understand the technologies used in wireless networks and mobile device management, and you want those leaders to be educated about the implementation, threats, and safeguards for all devices—including personal units that are used for work-related tasks. You believe that executive leadership needs to incorporate these kinds of safeguards as part of its business strategy. You decide to compile a cybersecurity incident report that you will send to management. You will list the actions, defense, and preventative measures you have taken to address threats and why.

The report will incorporate terminology definitions, information about the cyber kill chain, and impact assessments. Your cyber incident report will need to illustrate the threats you discovered and the resolutions you employed. You want leadership to be confident about the strategy you have used to defend the company’s networks.