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Week 2 Discussion – Need for Risk Management

Week 2 Discussion – Need for Risk Management

Week 2 Discussion – Need for Risk Management

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Please respond to the following:

  • Four  critical success factors are important for effective risk management:  supportive organization; competent people; appropriate methods, tools,  and techniques; and simple, scalable processes. Determine three  obstacles for an organization to manage risk effectively. From the  perspective of a project manager, suggest strategies to avoid the  obstacles.

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Yolanda Kennedy        

Monday Jul 17 at 8:39pm

Three obstacles for an organization to manage risk effectively

Inadequate Communication:

communicating to a person who does not fully understanding you, they  hear what you are telling them but don’t understand part of the request.  This will cause risk with any project because of the inadequate  communication. Do not assume the person understand have them repeat back  what is being asked of them and also have them to give an example of  what is being asked of them.

Risk Culture:

Culture is a key in any organization. In my department we have  different staff members of different cultures and beliefs, there is a  three-day limit on all product that is prepared, after three days the  products are to be discarded. Some staff members will discard the  product and others will not.  To manage this risk effectively we have  all staff members to learn and follow the policies and practices of the  organization and health department requirements.

Training and Supervision:

Every staff member must be trained in his or her position. Provide  cross training to each staff member. Allow all staff members to ask  questions and to inform them of risk concerning the project.