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Use the following questions to guide your analysis of the writer’s appeals to ethos and pathos. 1. What image does the writer project of themselves in this argument? What is the writer’s

investment in the issue?

2. How does the writer convey that he or she is knowledgeable about the issue?

3. Where does the writer acknowledge alternative views? What makes you think the writer is fair

in the summary or recognition of these views?

4. Which of the strategies for engaging the audience’s emotions and imagination does the writer

use: concrete language, specific examples, narratives, and/or connotative and metaphoric language?

5. How are the writer’s appeals to ethos and pathos tailored to the argument’s original audience and

site of publication?

6. For you, the reader, how important are the ethos of the writer and the writer’s emotional and

imaginative appeals in winning your consideration of this argument?