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Reducing Discrimination

Reducing Discrimination

Discussion 4 – Reducing Discrimination [Due: Wed., July 19th at 11:59 PM]

Discussion 4 Reducing Discrimination

  1. Patterson (2013) discussed the development and adjustment of children of gay and lesbian parents in the article, Children of lesbian and gay parents: Psychology, law and policy. Briefly describe what research has found regarding these children’s development and adjustment.
  2. According to Farr et al. (2016) and Horn and Romeo (2016), what can be done to reduce discrimination in schools?
  3. According to Perszyk et al. (2019) and Leonardo and Boas (2021), discuss the impacts of historically, socially, and culturally constructed stereotypes and biases regarding race and gender on preschool- or school-aged children’s racial and gendered identity.

There are multiple prompts to this post. Please number your responses 1, 2, and 3 for clarity.

Respond to the discussion points above in a minimum of 300 words (15 points). Respond in a minimum of 150 words to another student’s post (5 points).