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Organizational Behavior And Leadership In The 21st Century

Organizational Behavior And Leadership In The 21st Century


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This week’s topic is one that is very near to my heart, leadership.


Your assignment this week is to write an essay, of no less than two pages, that answers the following questions: What is your original definition of leadership? What kind of leader are you? Your answer should be original and not adopted from any source. Therefore, you will not need a reference page. Provide examples from your experience. There are no right or wrong answers here, only your own. Enjoy this opportunity to self-reflect. I DO NOT WANT A TEXTBOOK or CHAT GPT RESPONSE.


Format your work in APA style, minus the reference page. Submit your work in this Drop Box by July 17, 11 PM.


Assignment Grading Rubrics

Quality of work 0 – 50 pts

• Substance

• Grammar

• Subject terminology

• Originality

Research 0 – 25 pts

• Use of scholarly articles to support your views

APA Formatting 0 – 25 pts

• Title page

• Running head

• Abstract page

• Main body

• In-text citations

• Properly written reference page

Total 100 pts

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