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Week 8 Discussion 1

Week 8 Discussion 1

Respond by Day 5 to at least  two colleagues in one or more of the following ways:

· Provide additional resources or information regarding the advocacy organization.

· Compare a similar local or global organization.

· Offer alternative viewpoints and insights.

· Ask for clarification.



Advocacy Organization

The Area Agency on Aging, District 7 (AAA7) serves the aging and disabled populations in the areas around and in Ross County, Ohio where I work and live. This agency provides help to the aging and disabled to maintain independent living and personal choice by providing resources and services to accommodate their needs (Area Agency on Aging, 2023; Ohio Department of Aging, n.d.). The agency also provides advocacy services to consumers who reside in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes and consumers who receive in-home services. As a mandate of the Older Americans Act, the Department of Aging must provide a long-term Ombudsman program that investigates and resolves complaints reported by consumers, their families and community members against those providers who provide long-term care (Area Agency on Aging, 2023). Additionally, the organization provides advocacy services to prevent abuse, neglect, or exploitation of this population. One last advocacy objective of the organization is to advocate for policies that enhance the lives of the aging (O4A, 2020b).

Nursing Home, Group Home, and Assisted Living Advocacy

There are designated Ombudsmen, who can be volunteers or employed through the Area Agency on Aging. These Ombudsman protect and advocate for consumer rights, but also hold educational training for staff, family, and residents about the Ombudsman’s program; i.e., elder abuse, exploitation and neglect prevention as well as other programs and topics (Area Agency on Aging, 2023). Their goal is to ensure that consumers receive the best care possible as well as support from care providers or resources when needed. The Ombudsmen also wants to ensure that the consumers know their rights, but are empowered to exercise their rights as well (Department of Aging, n.d.)

Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Prevention and Advocacy

The staff throughout the Area Agency on Aging strive to keep their consumers safe no matter their living arrangements, for example whether they are in their own home or in a nursing home and receiving care from long-term care providers. If any worker has knowledge of abuse, neglect or exploitation being experienced by the consumer, they have a duty to report such matters to authorities. While the Ombudsmen investigate the incidents reported, all staff are responsible for the safety and welfare of the consumer by reporting what they have witnessed or heard (Ashley A., personal communication, July 18, 2023). The Area Agency on Aging further provides education to consumers to give them tips on how to remain safe in their home and how and who to report such things as abuse as well (Area Agency on Aging, 2023; Department of Aging, n.d.).

Policy Advocacy

The Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging make up members from all over the state who work with the local Area Agencies on Aging, the Governor’s office, Department of Medicaid as well as other groups who advocate for many policy formations or changes needed to meet the need of the aging population (O4A, 2020a.). Recently, the Chief Policy Officer provided testimony to the Ohio Senate Health Committee to improve the workforce shortages experienced all over the state (O4a, n.d.). Additionally, per Ashley A., (personal communications, July 18, 2023), District 7 staff advocated for improvements to resources for transportation needs of their consumers. These advocacy efforts are for seniors to obtain needed care and resources to improve their quality of life and health outcomes.


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Advocacy Organization

An advocacy organization in my community that focuses on the aging population is the Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network (WAAN).  WAAN is comprised of different organizations and individuals who work with older adults in Wisconsin (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).  The mission of WAAN is to shape public policy and improve quality of life (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).  The organization educates the community and policy makers, mobilizes priority issues, and advocates for change (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).  WAAN looks to have a society that engages, supports, and values individuals as they age (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).

Societally Reforming

The Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network (WAAN) combines two types of memberships (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).  One membership is the core which is comprised of organizations that the Older Americans Act funds (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).  The second type of membership is the affiliate (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).  This includes individuals and groups who are interested in advocating for older adults (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).  The core membership type votes on priority issues and then adopts those issues (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).  WAAN believes that the older adults should be included in discussions that impact them (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).  Monthly meetings are held to discuss, strategize, and coordinate advocacy activities (Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, n.d.).


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