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Social Media And Marketing Operations

Social Media And Marketing Operations

You are the Social Media Coordinator of a company (new or existing) and within the eMarketing plan of same company the following two key objectives using social media are clearly identified. They are:

1. To increase company sales by 25% over a three-month period (final quarter of financial year 2023)2. To increase daily traffic by 5% on all the company’s platforms over the next months (final quarter of financial year 2023)

With these objectives in mind, develop a Content Plan and an Editorial Calendar for a Social media Campaign, with a duration of three (3) weeks for that company.

In addressing these two (2) major components of the social media plan for this assignment make sure to:

a) Present the situation analysis (CLO 1)

b) Define Your Goals and state the specific objectives to be achieved from the Social Media Plan (CLO 1,2&3)

c) Identify the platform and describe the target audience for each platform (CLO 1,2&4)

d) Plan the Content (CLO 1,5&2)

e) Develop the Editorial Calendar (CLO 1,5&2)

f) Identify and present the social media metrics to be used to evaluate the planned activities and the selected analytical tool(s) (CLO 3)

The Written plan should at minimum include the following:

1-Cover Page (with the name of the programme course, organization studied, and student’s ID number and date submitted)

2-Executive Summary (not more than one single spaced page)

3- Table of Contents

4- Situation Analysis

5-Social Media Goal/challenge to be addressed by using social media

6- Social Media Objectives

7-Platform(s) to be used and target audience profile for each

8- Content Plan and editorial Calendar

9-The Analytical tools to be used in measuring the KPIs; the reason(s) for the choice of tools.