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History: A New World

History: A New World

Chapter 1 “A New World” NAME:

1.) What happened around 14,000 years ago (during a slow global warming period)?

2.) What three plant foods formed the basis of Native American Indian Agriculture? What protein did they supplement this with?

3.) North of Mexico, what did the North American Indians lack (which would put them at a disadvantage with European settlers)?

4.) What is “animism” (a word anthropologists and historians use)?

5.) What special freedoms and powers did Indian women have (that was not true for European women of the 1500’s and 1600’s)?

6.) What was the legal term “coverture” which applied to English women?

7.) In 1492, what did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain do to ensure religious unity in Spain? By financially supporting Columbus (also in 1492), what did the King and Queen of Spain, along with Spanish (and Italian) merchants, want to circumvent (go around)?

8.) How did Hernan Cortes conquer the huge Aztec city of Tenochtitlan with only about five hundred men?

9.) What were some Indian products introduced to Europe from America? What were some things that were introduced to the Americas from Europe?

10.) What were some of the cruelties towards the Indians that a Dominican monk, Bartolome de las Casas narrated in his book written in the 1500’s? What was the repartimiento system set up in response to Las Casas’ criticisms (replacing the encomienda system)?

11.) In 1675, what happened to Po-pe and 47 other Pueblo Indians of New Mexico (that would lead 5 years later to a successful Indian revolt against the Spanish)?

12.) At the time of the colonization of America, what 2 freedoms did the Dutch have that existed nowhere else in Europe? What freedoms did Dutch women have in the 1600’s and 1700’s that English women did not have? Why did the Dutch identify themselves with the Indians and have more sympathy with the Indians?