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1. Can you discuss the types of outbreaks at a population health level?

2. How is the epidemiological triangle related to pandemics, outbreaks?

3. If you were to explain “disaster epidemiology” to a colleague or nursing student, what would you say?

4. What is the WHO? What do the SDG’s mean?

5. Connect social justice theory to the implications of outbreaks.

6. What is the history of the World Health Organization?

7. Be sure to review the articles: Angelini (2017) and Kurth (2017): What are said to be some of the noticed health effects of climate change? Can you speak to the “Call to Action” elements/content?

8. How do you assess an area’s resources and its relationship to the health of a region?

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1. Students are to write their name and the appropriate discussion number/discussion title in the title bar for each discussion. For example Discussion 1: Micheal Cabrera or Discussion 3: Sheila 

Smith. This is important in identifying that students are submitting original posts as well as response posts as required.

2. Students are to submit their discussions directly onto Blackboard Discussion Board.

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3.  As a reminder, all discussion posts must be minimum 500 words, references must be cited in APA format 7th Edition, and must include minimum of 2 scholarly resources published within the past