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Computer Science Assistive Technology Assignments

Computer Science Assistive Technology Assignments

Discussion prompt:

There are many disabilities that impede the learning process, including learning, physical, and/or speech disabilities. Review the video below to uncover how Brian discovered assistive technology to help him thrive academically, despite suffering from dyslexia.

Video link: https://youtu.be/JKrgxeXDtjk

For this assignment, develop a fictitious scenario of K12 student with a disability and discuss two different assistive technologies, including instructional software, that could be used for instructional support within a traditional learning environment.

In your discussion, please be sure to address each of the following:

· State a specific disability the student has (i.e. Kate, a 6th grader, has cerebral palsy.)

· Identify a specific area where instructional support is needed (i.e. Reading, Spelling, Writing, etc. Also, consider if the disability impacts multiple academic areas.)

· Identify two specific assistive technologies and provide an explanation for how they would be used to support instructional needs.

· Discussion should contain at least 6 to 8 sentences.

Research Paper:

-4 to 5 pages

-APA style

· Introduction – In 4 to 6 sentences, provide a definition of assistive technology and a general overview of assistive technology devices and assistive technology services.

· Laws and Legislation for Individuals with Disabilities – In 7 to 12 sentences, discuss the following federal legislative acts and how they each specifically aim to protect the rights of individuals: Rehabilitation Act: Section 504 (1973), ADA (1991), and IDEA (2004)

· Assistive Technology for Academic Instruction – In 6 to 8 sentences, provide the definition of instructional technology and discuss how the integration of IT and AT can support academic instruction for individuals with disabilities.

· Assistive Technology for Independent Living– In 6 to 8 sentences, provide….

· Conclusion – In 4 to 6 sentences, share your personal perspectives about the importance of AT and how it benefits all people, including those with and without disabilities.

· Reference Page – Include at least 2 different references.

Scenario Application: Integrating IT and AT for Effective Instruction

When designing, implementation, and evaluating instruction, it is critical to consider how integrating instructional technology (IT) and assistive technology (AT) adaptations align to support learning for students with disabilities.

For this assignment, read scenario 7.2 below. Then, provide a detailed response to address each following up question. Responses can vary to include typed, video, or audio and uploaded as an attachment.

Scenario 7.2 (p. 178)

Teachers plan to deliver the most effective instruction to their students. Think about how students with disabilities are affected by various grouping arrangements, including whole-group and small-group.

Follow-Up Questions for Discussion

1. Discuss how IT and AT adaptations play a role into the teacher’s implementation of a lesson?

2. Describe the advantages and disadvantages involved in designing and integrating IT and AT adaptations for instruction.

3. Share your thoughts about how the use of video/audio responses in the course support IT and AT integration.