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Learning to effectively communicate in the business world entails reading business articles

Learning to effectively communicate in the business world entails reading business articles

Learning to effectively communicate in the business world entails reading business articles.  Through reading and exposure to business language you will develop the appropriate structure, cadence, and style along with a better understanding of business issues. In this assignment you will read business articles and write a memo about those articles.  This will provide exposure to business writing and also allow you to practice constructing properly formatted memos.

For this assignment you will utilize the class standard Microsoft Memo Template located here:  BA156_Basic Microsoft Memo Template 10.2017.docx

Actions  Make sure to save a copy of the memo template on your local computer drive. In setting up the memo you will insert the name “Cerritos Company” in place of the company name.  Address the memo to the class instructor.  There will be no cc on the memo, so delete the cc line.  The date will be the date of submission.  You will create an appropriate subject line.


For three consecutive days, read the business section of a reputable newspaper or you may use www.nytimes.comLinks to an external site. (you can create a limited account for free) and reference their business section.  Go beyond the headlines and spend some time reading a variety of business articles. Submit a one-page memo in which you recap and summarize the one article that made the biggest impression on you. Focus on the story or story concept that had the biggest impact, and include the article title, author, source, and date. Explain what you learned and what impact this made on you. Use your own words and original thoughts. Do not copy the article wording, as this is plagiarism.

The memo can only be one page in length.  Points will be deducted if the format and structure are not consistent with the memo template. In order to complete this assignment you must begin reading articles early in the week.  Please note that you will need the Microsoft Memo Template, which is provided above and here: BA156_Basic Microsoft Memo Template 10.2017.docx


The majority of your paper should be in your original thoughts and wording. If you use wording from another source, quote and cite the wording.  See the “Academic Honesty” section in the syllabus for more information.  Assignments may be submitted to Turnitin. Turnitin is an online tool available to instructors to check for plagiarism. Thus, it is important that you understand the meaning of plagiarism and complete your assignments without plagiarizing someone else’s work.  Assignments that have been plagiarized will not receive credit and resubmission will not be