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End Of Life

End Of Life

This assignment aims to address the following student learning outcome: grasp the complexity and significance of life and death more than in the past. All assignments must be typed, double spaced, and all pages stapled together (even the extra credit ones). No cover page is needed. Pick one of the following options: 1. Advanced Directive. Complete an advance directive form (example forms on Canvas). As you complete the form, think about the reasons WHY you are making the choices you are regarding power of attorney, end of life decisions, organ/tissue donation, etc. Submit your completed advance directive along with a reflection page (one page minimum; there is no maximum), which may detail the answers to the above questions, your conversation with a loved one about your choices, or how your views on end of life options are shaped or have changed due to this class. NOTE: I have uploaded the necessary PDF pages on Canvas (“Advance Directive Pages to Submit”) if you’d like to see which pages you are required to submit. For example, you are NOT required to get your advance directive notarized and you do NOT need a witness. 2. Eulogy. Write a eulogy (one page minimum; there is no maximum) for someone close to you under the assumption that he or she will die before the semester’s end. Then include a reflection page (one page minimum; there is no maximum) discussing that process or how this class has shaped or changed your views on the death of a loved one. 3. Funeral. Think of four items to discuss with a loved one regarding your post death arrangements and/or his or her post death arrangements, working under the assumption that death will come within one year. Please be realistic and take this discussion seriously. Topics you may discuss (though you are not limited to these): arrangement for the body, organ/tissue donation, costs, funeral plans, traditions. Include both the list of topics covered in the conversation and brief answers to those questions as well as reflection page (one page minimum; there is no maximum) discussing how this class has shaped or changed your views funeral arrangements. 4. Interview. Think of at least five questions/topics to discuss with a loved one regarding death, either their death or the death of a loved one who has passed. These interviews can be face-to-face, over the phone, or electronically. Write a summary of what was discussed. Then include a reflection page (one page minimum; there is no maximum) discussing how that conversation relates to something you learned in the class. 5. Social Media. Investigate TWO social media platforms’ postmortem policies. What happens to your Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, InstaGram, YouTube accounts after you die? For each platform, thoroughly explain what happens after the user dies and cite your sources. You must include at least two social media platforms. You must include your source (copy and paste link is fine). Grading: You will be graded on the completeness of your assignment and the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of your reflection page. Extra Credit Opportunity: You may choose one additional option for up to an additional 20 points. Please staple your extra credit to your project to hand in one packet. Extra credit is due the same day as the project.

**Check Canvas for Due Dates**

Late Projects will be deducted an automatic 5 points

No projects will be accepted one week after original due date