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Question Analysis

Question Analysis

The case analysis is an application of your knowledge to a real situation in your own industry (or one in which you aspire to work). The written submission will be evaluated using the rubric at the end of the syllabus. Submissions should be about 5 pages in length, including a title page and a reference page, adhering to APA format.   The outline of the analysis is provided in the syllabus, with the headings that you should use in the analysis.

1.      Examine a problem to be solved in your own business or industry.  Develop and analyze the case based on your knowledge of the assigned readings. No additional research is needed, except information from your industry perspective.

2.      Use the template.

3.      Assume the perspective of a business manager addressing an international issue in your own industry. Take the perspective of a manager in your own industry and consider how the situation of the case could potentially impact your industry and business. While it may be a very localized issue, explain in the overview its relationship to globalization or the international environment.

4.      Your responses must address managerial/leadership issues, problems, alternatives, and recommendations for businesses in your current industry, or one that you aspire to enter, based on the current environment of business.

5.      The first part of the analysis is an overview of the situation.  The short-term problem, the long-term problem, issues, alternatives, recommendation, and action plan deal with your application of this knowledge for your company in your industry.

6.      Reference any texts or other documents you use.   These additional sources do not have to be academic journals per se, but may include other types of periodicals, news articles, but no open source websites, like Wikipedia.

7.      Use APA format.

8.      This is the only paper that you write for this course where first person is allowed, so consider this your opportunity to act as “consultant” for your firm.


My industry is workforce development.


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