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Team Management Team

Team Management Team

Assignment 1

What does it mean to have diversity on an Information Technology Team?  What can you do as a team member to increase your team’s diversity?  Is your class team diverse?

Assignment 2

Our text book lists 3 communication functions.  List and briefly define them.  Give an example from your team of a member using one of the communication functions.  Is communication used to express any other communication functions than those listed?  What other functions?

Assignment 3

List and describe the conflict resolution styles from the text book.  Describe the conflict resolution of your class team.  Give an example of a team conflict where it was used.  What roadblocks could you team face in conflict resolution?

Assignment 4

From Chapter Eight in our text, pick out and describe/define what you believe to be the two most used types of power in an information technology work team (not what should be but what is).  What is the most used type of power used in your class team? Give an example.  What is the most used type of power in your work team?  Give an example.

Assignment 5

Do teams always use the rational problem solving approach?  Why or why not.  Give an example from daily life where the rational problem solving method is not used (you and a friend are going out for lunch).  Give an example from work where a rational problem solving approach should be used but is not.

Assignment 6

Would you rather have a face to face or a virtual team  or a combination of both for work?  If you choose a combination, please explain what you mean.  Why did you choose the type you did?    What are the challenges a virtual team faces that a face-to-face team does not?  How can those challenges be overcome?

Assignment 7

Please choose one variable we have studied (team cohesion, decision making, rewards, conflict, leadership style, trust, communication, operating rhythm, participation, etc.) Define that variable in 1-2 sentences.  For you class team, how would you change that variable to make your class team more effective?