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Business Finance – Management

Business Finance – Management

300 words each discussions with credible sources.

DISCUSSION 1: You are the PM on a software upgrade project. You find out from a senior team member that the project is starting to get out of control due to certain employees performing unplanned overtime, misunderstandings of the project’s deliverable, and changes being made to the original plan without any oversight. Discuss what documents, tools, and/or processes could help to get the project under control or could have prevented it from getting out of control in the first place. When discussing documents, try to indicate specific sections that would be beneficial to reference.


DISCUSSION 2: You are assigned to work with new clients who have hired your company to plan an extravagant wedding within your ballroom facilities. The original questionnaire completed by the sales team was transformed into a business case that only provides high level details. Your boss has given you a list of the deliverables (see below). Based on the deliverables provided, what would be your top five initial questions for the client and what process would you recommend for scope control regarding the bride and groom, who are your clients?


Extravagant Themed Wedding

Michelin Chef to cater reception

Live Orchestra to provide music

Renowned photographer for all captured images

Accommodations for 300 party Guest List for reception

Accommodations for 150 out of state guests


DISCUSSION 3: One of the biggest issues that the project management industry faces is that many projects come in late. Late projects are not always due to poor schedule maintenance or even scope change, but are a combination of many variables.

Please discuss in detail, when you were late for a scheduled activity or provided an assigned task late. Provide the surrounding variables around the reasoning for being late and things that could have been done to prevent it.