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Business Finance – Management BUS311 Unit 2 Assignment

Business Finance – Management BUS311 Unit 2 Assignment

Your goal is to write a concise memo. Review the “Writing Memos” section in Chapter 4 of our textbook for the proper layout and tips on writing effective memos. Instructions:

• Choose one of the following scenarios for the topic of your memo:

Scenario 1:

As CEO, you recently acquired a company and brought it an entirely new

management team. In a companywide memo, communicate your rational for this


Scenario 2:

Using Scenario 1 as the basis, write a memo introducing your three new

executive team members to the organization. Assume all employees have read

your first communication about the rational for the change. In your memo,

including each new executive team member’s name, new title, and previous


• Write your memo developing relevant details to support your scenario.

• Review the Proofreading Tips (Figure 19) in Chapter 4 and proofread your



• Use memo format.

• Write your memo in professional style and tone.

• Cite anysources using APA format.


Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.

BUS311 – Managerial Communications

Unit 2 Assignment



Evaluation Rubric for Unit 2 Assignment

CRITERIA Deficient Needs Improvement

Proficient Exemplary

(0-13.9 points)

(14-15.9 points)

(16-17.9 points)

(18-20 points)

Substance The assignment is incomplete.

The assignment lacks both detail and substance.

The assignment is complete but lacks some details and substance.

The message contains relevant, on- topic detail and substance.

Organization Memo format is not used. There is no structure to the memo.

There is an attempt at memo format, but there are some organizational issues.

Memo format is used, but there are some organizational issues.

Memo format is used, and the structure substantially communicates a clear message.

Tone Professional tone/style is not employed.

Professional tone/style is inconsistent.

Professional tone/style is consistent.

Professional tone/style is carefully crafted and enhances the message.

Sentence Structure, Word Choice and Transitions

Sentence structure and word choice are deficient; no transitions.

Sentence structure is lacking, word choice is poor; some transitions.

Sentence structure exists, but does not vary, word choice is good; transitions employed.

Sentences are complete, and their structure and length are varied, creating fluidity. Excess, phrases and sentences are eliminated for greater clarity. Concise style with transitions employed.