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What does it mean to have a disorder? The text mentions several criteria used to define behavior as “abnormal.” However, many psychologists argue that these criteria are unclear and leave considerable room for interpretation. For example, Wakefield (1997) states that “lack of a valid concept of disorder is not just conceptually and methodologically problematic; it is potentially ethically problematic as well. Classification of a condition as disordered has ramifications ranging from those of ‘labeling’ a child or adult as disordered to determinations of whether it is appropriate to treat the condition with drugs” (p. 271)

Familiarize yourself with this important debate and discuss what it means for a child to have a psychological disorder, given the fact that what is abnormal remains challenging to define.



Cite this week’s reading and explain examples of effective classroom management approaches for adult learners. Seek outside sources as well. How do you relate to these approaches and what do you think of them?



human sexuality involves the interrelationship of a person’s biological, psychological, and sociocultural characteristics (e.g. the three dimensions of human sexuality). Evaluate each of the dimensions according to their significance in your life. what was the course of most of your information about sexuality as you grew up? How did your experiences with parents, teachers, and peers influence your views of sexuality today?



Compare and contrast the t hree basic types of evaluation in Family Life Education, and explain how you would use each of the three (not just one) to assess one program of your choosing. Be sure to use examples to clarify your thoughts about the one program you have chosen.





Discuss some of the reasons why individuals are choosing cohabitation as opposed to marriage?  What are the pros of living together and what are the cons?  What does research show about cohabitation?



. Provide the calculation and analyze the exercise from both concept and problem-solving perspectives. Support your thoughts with at least one external reference (not your book).

1. A five-year project has a projected net cash flow of $15,000, $25,000, $30,000, $20,000, and $15,000 in the next five years. It will cost $50,000 to implement the project. If the required rate of return is 20 percent, conduct a discounted cash flow calculation to determine the NPV.


Human resource management can be a stand-alone function, or it can be one of many functions and tasks within the HR Department. Briefly highlight and explain at least seven (7) main roles that HRM plays within organizations. Discuss in a substantive manner which roles you feel are the most important with your fellow students, and explain why you feel these roles should be given special consideration.



Using bullet points, list the pros and cons of a lockout in professional sports? Feel free to research previous NBA, NHL, MLB or NFL lockouts for this discussion. Please note that the readings in this week’s lessons involve all four professional leagues but the majority of the readings concentrate on the NBA’s lockout.


Read the various perspectives on the death penalty. Evaluate each argument for validity and soundness. Discuss the structural strengths and weaknesses of each argument. Discuss who has the stronger argument? Why?

The following articles are in the University Library:

Death Throes

Gregg v Georgia

Excerpts from decisions by Supreme Court Justices on Death Penalty

European Union Memorandum on the Death Penalty