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Reflective Writing Assignment

Reflective Writing Assignment

Reflective Writing Assignment

Assignment Overview

Respond:  These are reflective writing opportunities. Use these as experimental spaces – ask questions, think about readings, reflect on your own work, expand on ideas brought up during discussions, prepare for upcoming assignments, consider new ideas.

Your writings should be:

· About 400-500 words long

· Related to the readings, assignments, and/or discussions from this week.

· Evidence of critical thinking

· Follow MLA formatting guidelines.  Find help with MLA formatting guidelines, MLA Example.docx Download MLA Example.pdf

You can:

· Expand on what you mentioned in this module’s discussion board.

· Discuss your own experiences readings, writing, and working in this module (time management, understanding of materials, etc.)

You should avoid:

· Copy / pasting from other submissions.

· Focusing on a reading from a different module only (you can connect this week to a previous week, though)

· Unprofessional discourse

· Conversational language (you, I, etc.)



Your response should be cohesive (in paragraph form, not as a list). Use academic writing conventions and proofread and edit before submitting. For journal entries, you may copy and paste text into the journal entry or attach files. There is no need to consult any outside sources, but if you’d like to quote an article, be sure to include an MLA-style citation. All quotes should be in quotation marks (see MLA Help in Resources area for advice on this).

Your journal entry should be a cohesive 400-500 word entry.