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Envision Healthcare 2027 Discussion

Envision Healthcare 2027 Discussion

M3.L8b: Envision Healthcare 2027 Discussion

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Module 3 – Lesson 8b: Envision Health 2027 Discussion

Envision Healthcare Technology 2027 – You have just gotten out of your electric car that is in desperate need of charging. You walk around and plug the car into a nearby outlet and walk into the healthcare center that is located inside the mall.

Once you have entered the revolving doors, you pier into a viewer.  The viewer provides you with an electronical summary (biometric) and provide you with data for your appointment today.  No need for ID or showing your health insurance card. All of those details were confirmed with the retina scan. You proceed to the Well Clinic. While passing, you see professionals in there mid 60’s still working; however, they are not performing the same tasks as they did in 2018.  You see one machine that accesses the patient and interacts with data already on file to produce report on his/her health status. The computer voice scolds you on ordering the triple cheese mushroom burger last night. The computer voice shares better choices for you to choose from on your next visit to your favorite resturant. On the comupter screen, you select, I understand and will comply.

Continuing your clinic visit, your pearsonal information is shown on a dashboard displaying your blood pressure readings electronically transmitted from your home blood pressure machine. Your values are shown to in a bar graph. Today, your blood pressure readings are taken while sitting down and delivered directly into the electronic health record system. You find out doctors or nurses no longer need those big bulky binders full of paper or health documents. They use pocket-size computer tablet. You are amazed to find out all the information the healthcare team is entering in the tablet is being reviewed by other professionals in real-time. You then learn your information is being shifted to various hospital databases (clinical decision support) for the purpose of improving care and ptimizing reimbursement.

Just then, you hear a machine noise coming down the hallway and you run for cover. Only to recognize, it is the physician robot with a monitor screen to share a two-way conversation between provider (doctor) and the patient. Opps, you received a slight nudge, it was the pharmacy robot bringing prescriptions to unit for a more efficient way to disburse trial medications. You wonder, where is the healthcare staff because  there are only two-three nurses for each unit/floor! Currently, there are nine to 12 nurses per unit/floor.  You think to yourself, “Wow, how healthcare has changed from the days of “House”, and “True Stories of ER”.  What modern/technology changes will be next in healthcare?


  1. Read the “Envision Healthcare Technology 2027”
  2. Post your vision of what healthcare would be like in the year 2027.
  3. Respond to two (2) of your classmates