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Global Health Competencies In The Nursing Curriculum

Global Health Competencies In The Nursing Curriculum

Global Health Competencies in the Nursing Curriculum

Please read the textbook and the Covid-19 articles (in the week 1 reading area of Canvas) before preparing your comments.

Initial Post: It is critical that nurse educators consider the context in which teaching and learning take place. This assures the relevance of the mission and purpose of the educational program. It is important to maintain congruence between the mission, vision, etc. and the course objectives/content. The Covid-19 crisis brought to the forefront the need for nursing curricula to reflect changing trends.  The pandemic dramatically changed nursing education. To explore this premise, please address the following:

Part 1: Review DCN’s mission, vision, purpose, core values, and philosophy.  Are these inclusive enough to reflect a response to the pandemic, or where might you make changes?  Cite a few specific examples.

Part 2: For this discussion, review the courses from the BSN programs on pp. 25-27 of the DCN catalog and their descriptions on pp.84-97. Identify three nursing courses where you could include content and experiences related to the current Covid-19 pandemic.  Describe how you would do this, including the teaching/learning strategies you would use.  Think beyond the obvious infection control or pathophysiology content and consider the complexities of the Covid-19 experience.  Provide at least one source from a peer reviewed nursing journal that supports your choices. Cite your sources using APA and create a working link from the URL/DOI so others can easily review them..

Response Posts: Read all of the initial posts and respond as something interests you. Contribute to the discussion with your own original opinions or interpretation of the course materials. To meet the rubric requirements, you need a minimum of two peer responses. However, additional back and forth interaction may be required to achieve the maximum number of points on the rubric under Classroom Engagement. Agree and disagree with each other but explain why. Provide feedback. Have your fellow students’ ideas changed yours?