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Cyber Security Work Experiences

Cyber Security Work Experiences

Please response to these questions?

1.Can you discuss your experience and knowledge in building a detailed understanding of cyber data, data flows, and processes within an organization? How have you utilized this knowledge to support analytics initiatives or address cyber-related challenges?

2. Can you describe your experience in designing, coordinating, and implementing analytical business and technology solutions to support audit and innovation initiatives? How have you demonstrated thought leadership and driven the day-to-day implementation of analytics strategies in previous roles?

3.  How have you utilized Tableau, Power BI, Alteryx, Dataiku, or advanced Excel skills (or equivalent Business Intelligence tools) to translate raw data into actionable information and insights for risk decisions or compliance tracking? Can you provide an example of a project where you utilized these tools effectively?

4.  Can you discuss your knowledge of Security Operations Centers (SOC) and your hands-on experience with SIEM and SOAR platforms? How have you utilized these platforms to identify and respond to cybersecurity threats?

5.  Have you worked with data engineering and IT infrastructure aspects, such as databases and data warehouses, in support of Business Intelligence processes? How have you interfaced with these technologies to ensure successful analytics initiatives?