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Celebrity Disease

Celebrity Disease

Celebrity Assignment

How to Complete the Celebrity Assignment
1. First, select a celebrity from the following list. Each of these individuals has or had a life-altering medical condition.

Annette Funicello
Pamela Anderson
Andy Warhol
Naomi Judd
Bob Marley
Melissa Etheridge
Sharon Osbourne
Peter Jennings
Walt Disney
Tug McGraw
Albert Einstein
Lance Armstrong
Magic Johnson
Sally Field
Teri Garr
Montel Williams
Former President Ronald Reagan
Muhammed Ali
Michael J. Fox
Mary Tyler Moore
Kate Jackson
Christopher Reeve
Former Attorney General Janet Reno
David Bowie
Steve Jobs

2. LIST 50 medical terms and their official definitions you would like to use related to this condition and cite your sources.

3. Thirdly, then tell their story using the actual medical terms you have chosen.
Be sure to boldface or highlight your chosen medical terms in your paragraphs.
Imagine you are a medical professional speaking to other medical professionals who understand medical terms well. Here you will use the actual medical terminology in your passage.
This is your chance to sound medically professional with your term usage 🙂

Include the following points in your story.
Focus more on the disease or condition rather than the celebrity overall.
a. Explain the disease or condition and how it has impacted this person’s quality of life from a health perspective.
b. Explain the signs and symptoms and body systems affected by this condition in a typical patient.
c. Explain possible causes of the condition in general.
d. Discuss a few medications or treatments for this condition in general.
e. Discuss the possible prognosis.

3. Be sure to cite all your references for research and definitions.
5 reference sources total are required. (Feel free to explore any mix of these sources: websites, dictionaries, texts, magazines, books, newspapers or magazines etc)