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For each text write a two page summary based on the skill of Analysis. Make a summary, work on elements, relationships of elements, and on organizational principles label those three parts

-Analysis of Elements

Objective: To recognize the major and sustaining elements in a


Prospectus: This is the skill to learn the process of separation of elements

by naming them. It is to identify the elements which are: main ideas,

supporting ideas, examples, conclusions, and factual statements.

– Analysis of Relationships

Objective: Student will find and make an explanation of interrelationship

between the elements or ideas in a given communication.

Prospectus: The student will look for the connections among the parts.

The relationships might be in different ways like:

 Cause and effect or main idea and examples

 Timely, conclusion related to other parts

 Comparing and contrasting; continuity and instances

-Analysis of Organizational Principles

Objective: The student will recognize and examine the organizational

principles of a piece of communication by identifying of the content,

structure, and purpose.

Prospectus: The student will find the organization of the arguments in

terms of structure, forms and patterns.