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Module 6: Information Overload


We live in a world in which communication technology has made us live in a state of continual information overload.  What forms of communication technology have become prominent in your life?  What approaches could you use to reduce the overload allowing you listen more effectively to other people’s messages?  In your opinion, which is your least favorite way to communicate from a technological standpoint?  Why?

When responding to classmates’ posts, continue the conversation by asking and sharing your thoughts on other ways overload could be reduced.

Remember to review the  academic expectations  for your submission.

Submission Instructions:

· Submit your substantive initial discussion post by 11:59 pm ET on Wednesday.  Then react critically to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts by 11:59 pm ET on Sunday.

· It should include at least 250 words, and one academic source, formatted, and cited in APA.

· Your contribution and responses must be authored by you. Do not copy or quote anything from the module or the internet without giving it proper credit.

Addresses Module Outcome(s): 1, 2, 3