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Create A Detailed Plan For Implementation, Evaluation, And Control Of The ‘Recommended’ Strategic Alternative For Amazon.

Create A Detailed Plan For Implementation, Evaluation, And Control Of The ‘Recommended’ Strategic Alternative For Amazon.

Objective:   Create a detailed plan for implementation, evaluation, and control of the   ‘recommended’ strategic alternative for Amazon. The recommended strategy is   one from the stability, growth, and retrenchment alternatives.

Exhibit   6 supports sections VII and VIII of your Strategic Audit. It is very   important you follow the writing structure of sections VII and VIII when   completing Exhibit 6.

Implementation,   Evaluation and Control Plan:

This   plan highlights the actions needed to implement the recommended strategy at   the corporate, business, and functional levels. For each action, the who,   what, and how are specified. In terms of evaluation, who and how often the   action plan will be evaluated is also determined. Finally, metrics are   developed for objective and easy control and evaluation plans.

How to create an Implementation, Evaluation and Control   Plan table

Download TemplateSA-EXH6-Implementation.docx and   use it to build your own Exhibit 6.

In   Section VI of your Strategic Audit, you have already identified the   recommended strategy with its corporate, business, and functional hierarchy.   The template illustrates a plan applied to the Olallieberry Pie Company’s   (OPC) recommended strategic alternative (growth-concentration-expand into   international arena by forging strategic alliances).

Notice   the template has six columns with headings: Strategic Alternative Element, Action   Plan, Priority System, Who Will Implement, Who Will Review, How Often   Reviewed, and Metrics/Criteria.

The   first element is at the corporate level action, then there are business level   actions, and then 3 to 4 important functional level actions. All these action   lines or rows should be expanded into good complete discussions in Sections   VII and VIII of your Strategic Audit.

Where   the elements and actions come from? Review your recommended strategy ideas at   the corporate, business, and functional areas in Section VI to find key   elements you would like to incorporate in the implementation plan.   Review your TOWS matrix to find key actions you would like   to include in this plan too. Not all elements and actions mentioned in   Section VI and TOWS matrix should be included, only few that you consider   most relevant.

Exhibit 6 and Sections VII and VIII of your Strategic   Audit

For   Section VII, Implementation in SA-WritingTemplate, discuss   and describe the details of the programs, budgets, and procedures   and the who, what, when, and how details of the implementing plans at   all 3 levels:  corporate, business, and functional.

For   Section VIII, Evaluation and Control in SA-WritingTemplate, discuss   and describe the who, what, when, how, and metrics details of the evaluation   and control plans at all 3 levels:  corporate, business, and   functional.