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Unit 3 AS: Sociocultural Analysis Of A Country

Unit 3 AS: Sociocultural Analysis Of A Country

The purpose of this assignment is to assess and analyze the target market’s social and culture using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and develop a global market strategy using Everett Roger’s diffusion of innovation theory.

You have been hired as the global marketing manager for Ford automotive company. Ford attempts to introduce the Mustang to the Ivory Coast market. Your writing assignment should include the followings:

  1. Provide the background information about the Ivory Coast (population, language, social/economic/political situation) (20%),
  2. Analyze the Ivory Coast market using Hofstede’s four cultural dimensions (30%),
  3. Develop a global marketing strategy that incorporates Everett Rogers’s Diffusion of Innovation theory (five factors affecting the rate of adoption) (50%).

The paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length (excluding title, appendix, and reference pages). This writing assignment should be completed in the standard APA format.