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There is no minimum length for your discussion. But answer each question in a complete sentence format.  After writing your post, be sure to review and edit before clicking “Submit.”

After posting your response, respond thoughtfully to at least  one of your classmates to complete this assignment.

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Choose at least  one of the discussion board entries made by other students in the class and reply to their statement with 50 words in length. Share your thoughts with them about their ideas.

Your classmate responses must start with a salutation (Example: “Hi John: “so I can see who you are responding to) followed by the following:

1.What are major advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet?

2.What are some of the reasons we need the Internet?

3.How does the Internet and World Wide Web differ?


Discussion boards should exhibit significant thought and include content with supporting data, references to the text and/or secondary information, articles/websites that relate to the content, cite current events that are relevant, post personal experiences, etc.

Since we are remote – this is the best way, we can communicate with one another as both presenting and LEARNING from our peers.








Response to my friends



Hello, my name is Juan Hernandez

1. The major advantages to using the internet is constant communication availability the internet is a tool.  Disadvantages include identity theft, viruses, exposure to other forms of cyber bullying.

2. The internet is needed because we need to have access to all the information at our reach with a simple search.

3. Internet is more descriptive of the connection and World Wide Web is the platform.