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Advanced Health Assessment

Advanced Health Assessment


You will complete a comprehensive health assessment of a child/adolescent.

This should NOT be a patient you have encountered in your work but, instead, should be a family member or friend (who gives consent) or preferably a patient in clinical. You should note that all information will be confidential and that their private information will NOT be shared as part of this assignment.

Your assessment should be comprehensive, and you should refer to course texts to inform items for inclusion in your assessment. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for covering those areas addressed in the reading assignments up to this point. The documentation should remain HIPAA-compliant even though this is not a real patient. DO NOT USE REAL PATIENT IDENTIFIERS. Be sure to include birth and developmental information as well as school and behavior information for the child. Consider cultural, gender, ethnicity, spiritual, and social competencies needed to formulate the best care plan for the patient.

The patient will be referred to as Jane Doe or Jack Doe.