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Recruiting Proposal

Recruiting Proposal

You are a  Consulting Recruiter with XYZ Recruitment, Inc. You have been contacted by  “State University” to conduct a search to fill a critical position (management level).

For this assignment, create a proposal for State University that explains, at a minimum, the recruitment strategy, process, and procedures that make  XYZ Inc. Recruitment Agency the right company to assist State University in filling the vacant position. Your proposal must be comprehensive, including the role of the recruitment agency and the role of the HR team at State University in the recruitment and selection process.

Review the article below for examples of information you may wish to include in your proposal:

Maurer, R. (2015).  Assessing Your Recruiting Function for Compliance and Best Practices .

Submission Instructions: Submit your work as an APA formatted document.  Your proposal should be 3-5 pages in length (count not including cover and references) and include a cover page and list of references cited in the proposal.

Include the following headings in your proposal:

Introduction of XYZ Recruiting (1+ paragraphs)

XYZ’s Recruitment Strategy, Process, and Procedure (3 + paragraphs)- this is the best place to include support from your references.

The Role of XYZ and the Role of State University (2+ paragraphs)

Why Use XYZ (2+ paragraphs)


Helpful Tips:

You must support your ideas, argument, and opinions with independent research, and include at least three (3) supporting references or sources (Note: do not use dictionary terms, encyclopedias, Wikipedia, or unknown, undated, or anonymous sources, such as brief articles from websites).

Your grade will be based upon:

· Depth and applicability of the research that you conduct.

· Effectiveness of the recruiting proposal as a consulting tool.

· Critical thought and analysis.

· APA format (APA, 7th Edition).

· Professionalism.