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Professional Profile Introduction

Professional Profile Introduction

Professional Profile Introduction



LinkedIn™ is a social networking website geared toward business professionals. According to  Forbes,Links to an external site. “When someone Googles you, your LinkedIn™ profile will likely show up in the first or second spot” (Arruda, 2013). This means that in many cases, LinkedIn™ may serve as the world’s introduction to who you are and to your personal and professional brand.

Please develop an introduction to your classmates and to your instructor by  creating a Professional Profile Introduction. You may pull this information from your current LinkedIn™ Profile or use what you create here to develop a LinkedIn™ account. You are not required to create a LinkedIn account for this assignment. In your Professional Profile, please include the following:

· Full Name

· Headline

· Location

· Short Summary (one to three sentences)

· Work or Volunteer Experience

· Top Skills (three to five skills)

· Education

· Honors & Awards (if any)

· Organizations & Memberships (if any)

· Interests (three to five hobbies)

Response Posts

Return to this discussion forum throughout the module week to engage in a dialogue with your classmates. While you may respond to as many classmates as you’d like,  two response posts are required by the end of the module week.

For each response post, please include the following:

· One thing you have in common with your classmate

· One item you found most interesting or unique about your classmate’s profile

· One question for your classmate