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Discussion 9

Discussion 9

Every workplace can be enjoyable or feel unwelcome. Most people have to work for a living. Understanding about organizational culture and climate can help you find more joy in your world and help create a workplace you love.

(Part 1) Due WEDNESDAY: Copy and paste the BOLDED discussion questions (below) INTO your discussion answer. Make the discussion questions bold and your answers NOT bolded. Please show you understand the concepts of chapter 11 in your own words. Discussion questions are always due on Wednesday of the week assigned. After carefully studying chapter 11, in 250 words or more:

(a) Define and thoroughly describe organizational climate.

(b) Why is organizational climate important?

(c) How can you positively affect organizational climate in the future?

(d) What is YOUR SPECIFIC plan to make sure you are positively affecting your workplace organizational culture and climate?

(e) How can you change your personal life with applying the concepts of chapter 11?