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Statistical Application Presentation

Statistical Application Presentation

Please read carefully theInstructions for Initial Post


1.) Visit the following page: https://www.cdc.gov/DataStatistics/


2.) Under “Data and Stats by Topic”, pick a topic you find interesting. Click on the topic. After you choose a topic be sure to put in that information in the previous page title PICK YOUR TOPIC HERE. Do not delete anyone else’s information on that page. Do not select a topic that has already been selected.


3.) Here, you will find a lot of data and information concerning your topic. You will pick a set of data and create a graphical representation for it, (i.e. a line graph, bar graph, pie chart). Make note: you MUST create your OWN graphical representation. Copied graphs DO NOT COUNT. You must cite the source of this data set in your initial post, using proper APA formatting.


4.) In your initial post, due by Day 4, you will introduce your topic and its importance along with discussing methodology and numerical findings in the data. You will also include your graphical representation and give a summary of it. You may post your graphical representation as an image directly into the textbox, copied from Excel or another program/website you used to generate it.


Click on this link to view how to embed images into Discussion Forum.


Make Note for next week: For the Week 4 Discussion next week, you will continue on with the same topic but you will create two more graphical representations using two new, different sets of data. Your two new graphical representations must also be different chart/graph types from your first one here and from each other.




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Once we post this assignment we were able to see my peers post and I will post a new assignment for you to reply to two of them.