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Introduction to the Rhetorical Analysis

Introduction to the Rhetorical Analysis

Essay Assignment

Your purpose for this assignment is to write a 4-page rhetorical analysis. Writing about others’ use of rhetoric will give you an opportunity to analyze, critique, and discuss an aspect of popular culture. g). Focusing on the author’s use of rhetorical strategies, you will write an essay explaining what the author’s point is in the piece and whether or not they/the company does a good job of proving this point to the audience. You will use quotes and specific examples from the piece to back up your argument.


Remember, your paper is solely about the techniques and writing style used in your object. What is its purpose? What effect is it supposed to have? Does it have this desired effect? Why or why not?


If you want to use a series (Two commercials or ads within a series) you can if they are about the same product or PSA. See below highlighted information


Introduction to the Rhetorical Analysis: 1. Give a brief two to three sentence overview of rhetoric and how it is used in everyday life. Think about how you use rhetoric on a daily basis! Connect to visual rhetoric (watching TV, internet use, streaming, ads, YouTube, etc……..) 2. What commercial or print ad did you choose? Why? What drew you to this choice? 3. Thesis statement (last two to three sentences of your introduction): a. What is the commercial’s (or commercial series) purpose? b. Which side you are on effective/ ineffective? How is the commercial effective/ ineffective? c. Example thesis statements: i. When looking at the Chef Boyardee commercial, its purpose is to persuade the audience to buy their ravioli product. The commercial does reach its audience by the emotional appeals, product placement, and color scheme used throughout. ii. After viewing the All State Mayhem commercial, its purpose is to persuade the audience to buy car insurance. The commercial does not reach a modern day audience due to the humoristic stereotyped approach, color scheme, and lack of product endorsement. Body Paragraph Ideas and Organization: Use topic sentences and transition sentences. Connect to your thesis and remember to stay on track! If you would like to COMBINE sections you can, just be logical about it! Each number is a potential body paragraph, for section four you can divide and combine certain characteristics logically! If your commercial or ad does not use a certain characteristic (like music) you can leave it out or think about adding it into your rebuttal section.

1. Introduce your commercial a. Year/ date b. Creator c. Company d. Channels generally shown on e. Age range f. Famous people g. Whatever else you can think of! What do you want your audience to know before you begin to analyze your commercial(s) or ad(s) to your audience? 2. Basic commercial or ad summary. Pretend your audience has not seen or looked at this commercial/ad. Describe the plot to your commercial or describe your ad in detail. 3. Purpose: a. What is the purpose of the commercial or ad choice? b. What effect does the product/message have on the audience? 4. Does the commercial/ad have this desired effect? Why or why not? a. *Obviously, this section will be divided into multiple paragraphs. * b. This is where you will begin to analyze your commercial/ad in depth. Keep logos, pathos, and ethos in mind! Audience too! c. Use the PowerPoint to help! d. Color e. Mood f. Overall Image (imagery) (what is the commercial/ad focused on?) g. Quotes (direct text you can see in the commercial/ad) h. Logo placement in the commercial/ad i. Music j. Dialogue k. Needs/Values (if this section is difficult, let Ms. B know that you need help). 5. Rebuttal (other side of the argument) a. What could a different audience think about the commercial or ad (put yourself in someone else’s shoes)? b. What could make the commercial or ad more effective? Conclusion: Restate your thesis, but not word for word. Change up that word choice! Sum up your ideas from the paper that you want your audience to take away. Remember there is a lot to work with here. If the commercial(s) does not use some of these characteristics, mention how that characteristic could make the commercial better or





Please use the 2 links below to support this Essay Assignment requirement above. Also, make sure to use in-text citations for this assignment.





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