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Business Finance – Management

Business Finance – Management


Conduct primary or secondary (scholarly literature) research to discover the answer to a question related to human resource management in the global marketplace and write a research paper for 12-15 pages.

1. reference list in APA format detailing research sources. The list should include a minimum of 10 sources, 7 of which are scholarly/academic sources.

2. literature review summarizing the research on the selected thesis statement/research question. The literature review should be between 1200- 1500 words.

Research Topics:

1. What are the pros and cons of using AI in human resource functions such as screening applicants, monitoring performance, training and development?

2. Studies state that Millennials want flexibility in the place, time, and manner in which they work. How can organizations create effective workplace environments that meet the need of Millennials and produce results for the employer?

3. How can HR information systems can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of HR departments.

4. How can employers benefit from offering paid family leave beyond the government mandate for employees?

5. What is the difference between diversity management and inclusion? When is inclusion important?


The research project will be graded on the following points.

§ Is the content logical from a strong thesis statement to a supporting body to a well-developed conclusion?

§  The quality of the research will be considered heavily in grading. Were sufficient and reliable scholarly resources used? Seven academic/scholarly sources are the minimum. Adherence to the minimum will not produce A-level work.

§  Was the HRM topic relevant to the course material?

§  The quality of the writing of the literature review will be evaluated. Papers should be carefully proofread to ensure proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.




Choose an industry in Canada or another country and evaluate the international competitiveness of the industry in terms of factor conditions, demand conditions, supporting industries, firm strategy, and domestic rivalry (Similar to the case studies in textbook: Porter, M.E. The Competitive Advantage of Nations. The Free Press: New York, 1998).

The length of this applied research is 15 – 20 pages double spaced. The format of the applied research paper is APA format. All references must be cited. A one-page executive summary must be included in the paper.



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