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conduct a comparative profitability analysis

conduct a comparative profitability analysis

This assignment requires you to conduct a comparative profitability analysis. Choose 3 profitability ratios. Calculate the ratios, using the most recent annual report for both Amazon and Apple and include a written analysis of the two companies’ profitability, based on your results.

Use the following links to source the most recent available annual reports for the two companies:

1. Amazon Annual Reports

2. Apple Annual Reports

Requirements for completing the Assignment:

1. Select 3 profitability ratios

2. Review the most recent annual reports for the two companies (the two annual reports must be for the same most recently available year)

3. Calculate the three selected ratios for each of the two companies

4. Write a 500-word analysis comparing the profitability of two companies, in light of your ratio results.

A minimum of three references are required. Please, submit your calculations in the form of an Excel file. Along with your analysis, include a copy of your source data (e.g., the two annual reports used.)