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Computer Science 505 Assignment 7

Computer Science 505 Assignment 7

Business Case: Red Star National Hospital system has 4 hospitals (H1, H2, H3, and H4). They need your service to establish a new data communication Network.

The location of  H1: Fairfax, VA

The location of   H2: Dallas, TX

The location of   H3: Los Angeles, CA

The location of  H4: Columbus, OH


  • Hospitals must be connected to each other based on given extranet data rate requirements
  • The patient files will be located in the main hospital (H1) and shared with all computers within the system using the file transfer applications.
  • Here are the given expected data rates between hospitals


Requested data speed from H1 to H2

10 Gbps

Requested data speed from H1-H3

8 Gbps

Requested data speed from H1-H4

80 Mbps

Requested data speed from H2-H3

12 Mbps

Requested data speed from H2-H4

2 Mbps

Your team will be developing the WAN network design. Prepare your recommendations by covering the following section.

Question 1 Draw the block diagram and clearly indicate the network topology you would prefer to connect all four Hospital sites. You may use USA Map to draw a network diagram. Download USA Map from the web, place the nodes on the map and then draw the topology.   You must insert the picture of the WAN network diagram into your MS word document

Question 2 All four sites will have a 90Mbps connection to the internet. In the WAN diagram you developed in question 1, incorporate the connection to the internet and provide the new diagram.  You must insert the second diagram/picture of the Network diagram into your MS word document

Question 3 What type of WAN service (s) would you recommend leasing for each connection to fulfill the Data Rates expectations? You should prepare a table and write WAN service for each connection among the hospital sites