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Collateral Consequences

Collateral Consequences

As we have discussed in the last few classes, there are many collateral consequences that flow from a criminal conviction.

The question that I would like you to write about is

“Should a sentencing court consider collateral consequences in formulating a sentence in a criminal case, why or why not?” Please discuss both sides of the issue in your paper. For examples of the question, think about an immigration case in which a conviction of possession of marijuana inĀ  excess of 30 grams will result in deportation or an assault that occurs which involves a living companion and the potential for deportation. Think about a conviction of a felony or a misdemeanor and the collateral consequences of each.

I want you to find “10 ” sources, 7 of which come from court cases, law journals or periodicals, or academic journals. Your paper should be 8 pages with a 9th source page. Anything less than what I am requesting will lead to a reduction in your grade