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Identify and analyze one of Hay’s arguments

Identify and analyze one of Hay’s arguments


This is continuation from Part 1 and Part 2. Remember I will post both Part 1 and Part 2 works that you did for me and also the file for primary sources that you used for Part 2 called “PrimarySourcesGreatPlaguePandemic”, and you MUST use primarily Part 2 in order to do this Part 3.

Just to remind you, you already did use 1 argument from Part 1 and wrote Part 2. You MUST use that same argument and the primary sources that you wrote in Part 2 in order to the Part 3.

Below are some instruction and guidance for you to follow in order to write the 3-6 pages paper.

Part III.

For this assignment you must write  a three to six-page paper that accomplishes the following three tasks:

1. Identify and analyze one of Hay’s arguments (Part 1). (1/2 pg.)

2. Using at least four primary sources (Part 2), evaluate Hay’s argument and determine the degree to which it is either supported or refuted by primary source documents. (2-4 pgs.)

3. Develop your own argument about what lessons we can draw from this analysis regarding the impact of pandemics on societies, and postulate how this history might inform us as we deal with this modern, if less deadly, pandemic (1.pg)

Your paper must begin with a short introduction to the topic and a thesis statement that contains all aspects of your argument and end with a concluding statement.

Below is a basic structure your paper should follow.

Introductory paragraph:

· Introduction-give the reader an introduction to the time and place essay is about, the issue you will address and the source of information you will be using.

· Thesis statement-This is your central argument. Every topic sentence in the essay should relate to your thesis.

Body Paragraphs Every argument should have its own paragraph. Do not make paragraphs based on part of the essay or even source. If you have a new point, it needs a new paragraph. A paragraph should not have a topic sentence and evidence that supports that topic sentence.

· Topic Sentence –argument of that paragraph that supports your thesis (Note: each argument should be its own argument. Do not make a whole section of the paper or even a whole source.

· Evidence (This can be a cited quotation or a cited paraphrasing of a quote)

· Evidence (Try to have two or three pieces of evidence support each topic sentence)

· Transition sentence

Concluding Paragraph:

· Restatement of thesis.

· Explanation of the wider significance of your argument.



1. Do not google random webpages. It will confuse you.


2. Your paper must be  three to six pages,  typed,  double-spaced, in  12-point font, and have  margins of 1” to 1.25” on all sides. The pages should be  numbered in either their header or footer.

3. I am not looking for a comprehensive essay; you need not say everything that can be said about the topic. Instead, I am interested in how you make an argument and what evidence you use to back it up. There is no single “correct” answer to these questions.


4. You must have a  clear argument expressed in your  thesis statement and backed up with paragraphs that begin with a  topic sentence and contain  evidence from the  primary and secondary source. An argument that reflects a more nuanced and careful reading of the text will earn a higher grade than a more simplistic argument.


5. All three components of the assignment must be present in your thesis statement.


6. You must  cite your sources using MLA or Chicago format. Remember that a work cited page is  NOT the same as citing your sources.  Every quote or piece of information that is not common knowledge must be cited in the text of your essay. Use the page number of the secondary sources or the primary source packet when proving page numbers in this citation. I am less concerned about you getting the correct format for your citation than I am in your understanding when to cite.