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Discussion Board: Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Discussion Board: Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

The film depicts an epic clash between workers who fought for unionization and better working conditions, and bosses who fought equally hard to keep their factories free of unions and regulation. I’m already assuming that most people will side with the workers because we know the outcome, but I challenge you to think outside the box on this one. Even if you don’t agree with the owners of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, I implore you to try and understand their side (even if how they treated their workers was morally unjust and what they did during and after the fire was reprehensible). Sometimes looking at the “enemy” gives us a deeper understanding of those who often suffer at their expense. Be sure to divide your 350 word post equally amongst all three questions and, like always, be sure to reply to at least one of your classmates (see discussion board requirements in the Course Information Module for more details).

Part I: What were the arguments on both sides of this debate?

Part II: Which of these arguments do you consider most persuasive?

Part III: What caused public opinion to shift from favoring the factory owners’ arguments to supporting workers’ demands for workplace regulation?