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Social Problems 8

Social Problems 8

Please identify (by author name and article title) at least three (3) scholarly, sociologically relevant sources that you intend to use as support for your position in the final paper. Your instructor will check to ensure that these sources meet the necessary criteria and are relevant to the course and your topic.

To meet the necessary criteria, the following steps are recommended:

1. Sign in to your e-library.

2. Run a simple search using “sociology” as a keyword.

3. Once you have received results, you will need to run a new advanced search.

4. Check the boxes for “peer-reviewed” and “full text” results. This will ensure that the results you get from your advanced search are from scholarly sources and that you will be able to read everything you are interested in.

5. With these boxes checked, conduct a search using at least¬†two¬†keywords. One should be “sociology” and the other should be relevant to your social problem; for example: “education,” “gun violence.”

6. Read the abstracts of articles with titles that sound relevant to determine whether you want to read them in more detail and use them in your paper.



This is for the final paper. The one you did the plan for perviously