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Nursing Homework

Nursing Homework

Extra Credit Opportunity

I am offering the opportunity for Extra Credit that is related to our Chapter 29 reading and may help a bit on understanding genetics as well. As I mentioned in the class meeting, I would not be including a Punnett Square exercise on the exam. It is still useful to understand. I found a short and very well done video that provides an overview of how heredity works at the genetic as well as phenotypic levels without being overly technical.

· For extra credit, view the video in the following link and complete the two items below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEUvRrhmcxM

1. Write a one paragraph reflection summary of the video explaining dominant and recessive traits as it relates to both genotype and phenotype.

2. For tooth length, presented in the video, assume that long teeth are recessive “t” and short teeth are dominant “T”. The mom is homozygous dominant, and the dad is homozygous recessive for tooth length. What is the probability of heterozygous offspring?