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E-commerce will mark the death of traditional retail.

E-commerce will mark the death of traditional retail.

Some pundits have declared that e-commerce will mark the death of traditional retail.  In 3-4 paragraphs take one side of this debate and provide evidence (with links) to support your argument.

Comment on at least one classmate – be clear on why you agree or disagree.

Classmate Rachel: I disagree with the pundits’ statement declaring e-commerce will mark the death of traditional retail. Although e-commerce has already changed the health of traditional retailers, I believe that there will still be a demand (and business) for traditional retailing because it is in people’s nature to want to have experiences as well as physically touch products and interact with traditional retailers.

There are some products that we need to touch in order to determine if it is a good fit for us. I think that one of the best examples is clothing. Personally, I absolutely hate going to malls, however I have learned time and time again that if I try ordering clothes online, I am usually disappointed with the fit — especially for a new brand or a new type of clothing. In these situations, I have actually lost more time (and possible money in shipping costs) by having to return or exchange clothing. While virtual fitting technologies are becoming better, there are still factors that people want to experience in person, such as fabric texture, for instance. My second example is restaurants. While we can order food for delivery via the restaurant’s website or a delivery app, we are losing an experience of going to a restaurant and being served. My argument here is that people seek in-person experiences that simply cannot be replaced by e-commerce.

I think that it is important to note that there have and will continue to be many firms that will close due to the e-commerce wave. Successful or emerging firms that embrace e-commerce and adjust their traditional retail’s service offerings, however, can actually reap more benefits. During the pandemic, many firms began offering in-store or curbside pick up, which to this day are still viable options despite the lockdown being over. These firms learned that people would rather not be inconvenienced by late deliveries, than to be able to order and pick up a product on the same day.