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Week 8 Understanding Trauma & PTSD

Week 8 Understanding Trauma & PTSD

Context: You can learn a lot about a topic from reading about it in books, articles, and online. You can learn different things and applications of what you read by talking with someone who works in the field. By discussing real world experiences with clinicians working with trauma survivors, you can deepen your understanding of what you are reading.

Description: This activity aims to expose you to a range of treatment options available for trauma-related problems in your community, nationwide, and internationally. However, this information does not prepare you to provide treatment to others nor is it intended as a substitute for professional care. If you become aware that you or someone you know has PTSD, please take advantage of the resources that this course and your community provides.

In this activity, you will conduct an interview with a provider of trauma-related treatment services. You can contact an agency and request to speak/meet with someone who provides direct services for trauma survivors and/or their families. You can interview someone that you already know or someone new.

Examples of a provider of trauma-related treatment include but are not limited to:  Veteran Center, Domestic Violence shelter, Sexual Assault hotline, Red Cross, Emergency Room, Veterans Administration hospital Trauma Program, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Response, therapist in private practice who treats PTSD, Priest/Clergy, Regis Title IX manager

Spend some time reflecting on what questions have been most interesting to you over the course. Now is your opportunity to talk with someone about them! Develop a list of 8 to 10 interview questions. If you are stumped, here are a few that you are welcome to use to get started:

· How did you get interested in working with people around trauma?

· What are the training/qualifications of you and your staff?

· What services do you/your agency offer?

· What types of trauma do you see?

· Do you use any form of assessment of PTSD, and if so, which ones? If no, why not?

· How does someone access your services?

· What do you think the lay public should know about trauma?

Write a six- to eight-page paper summarizing your experience and what you learned during the interview.  Be sure to include information about who you interviewed. Connect what you leaned to the course material by using at least 3 references and write in APA style. (no question and answer format)