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NURS 114 Patient Teaching Project Assignment Guidelines

NURS 114 Patient Teaching Project Assignment Guidelines

Patient Teaching Project Assignment Guidelines and Rubric

NURS 114 Patient Teaching Project Assignment Guidelines

(Paper and Presentation)


1) Submit your teaching project paper through the Blackboard Assignment Submission Site.


2) The content of the teaching project paper should fit into no more than 2 pages, typed, and double spaced.


3) Follow APA format and style for the paper specified on the assignment rubric.

4) The project paper should include:


a. Introduction to the problem

b. Teaching content (What actually needs to be taught to patient)

c. Teaching strategies (How this will be taught, e.g., handouts, verbal, video, website)

d. Ways to evaluate if the teaching was effective


Be sure to incorporate the above four sections (a, b, c, & d) into your paper and presentation

· Identify how effective communication techniques impact successful patient teaching sessions;

· Identify factors that affect one’s ability to learn;

· Identify specific teaching strategies for each of the Three Learning Domains (Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor);

· Identify factors that can compromise a patient’s ability to successfully learn.

· Identify developmental level and cultural influences when developing a teaching strategy.


5) Presentation: Limit presentation length to 10 slides in PowerPoint or 2 pages if using Word document. You may also present your project via a poster if you desire.